Wholesale Part Worn Tyres Supplier

No matter the size of your business, we can supply wholesale part worn tyres of the highest quality. Minimum orders start at 50 tyres and go up into the thousands. Whatever you demand is, we can meet it!

As one of the UK’s leading wholesale part worn tyre suppliers, we are able to offer competitive pricing and currently supply the needs of tyre dealers to fleet owners throughout the UK.

UK Part Worn Tyres based in Manchester has three principles that are the backbone of our business; competitive pricing, high-quality products and a first-rate customer service.  We strive to meet these principles with every client interaction.

We are an independent wholesale part worn tyre supplier that has over 15 years experience importing the highest quality part worn tyres direct from mainland Europe, including Germany, Holland and Italy.

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Wholesale Part Worn Tyres Supplier

We offer various wholesale part worn tyres option and export internationally.

 Wholesale Tyre Supplier

UK Part Worn Tyres is a UK based importer and wholesale distributor of high quality, part worn tyres. We source all our tyres from our partners in mainland Europe, who currently stock in excess of half a million tyres.

We can deliver the top quality part worn tyres that you’ve order from us directly to your business at wholesale prices,  and cover the whole of the UK with our nationwide delivery service.

Currently, we have thousands of  part worn tyres available with 13 to 20inch wheel sizes, and all popular UK vehicle sizes, in stock.

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We import and export part worn tyres

UK Part Worn Tyres has been exporting tyres on an international level for over 15 years.  From our UK depot in Manchester we ship and stock an extensive range of tyres for cars, vans and 4×4 vehicles.

We are able to offer an easy, cost-effective way of shipping quality part worn tyres directly from the UK to countries throughout the world and have many customers in Africa, Asia, South America and the Carribean.

Whatever your needs as a tyre garage or transportation company, UK Part Worn Tyres can ship and supply you with quality tyres.

Pressure Tested Part Worn Tyres

Making sure that you are buying quality part worn tyres in the UK is vital to your business.  UK Part Worn Tyres offers a painting and pressure testing service that is unrivalled in checking for faults and giving our clients products that are easy to sell.  All our graded tyres have been painted and pressure tested.

One of the stigmas about part worn tyres is that they often look dirty and old, even though they are structurally sound.  We can provide you with Wholesale part worn tyres that have a lot of tread and have been painted to look like new.

To your customers, having something that looks clean, fresh and new will make all the difference when selling them tyres.

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Why Choose UK Part Worn Tyres?

As time served importers, we are able to supply the need of your garage, fleet or transportation company and are more than capable of supplying between 50 – 1500 tyres in a single order. Larger amounts can also be arranged.

We can meet the demands of our clients as we import thousands of tyres to the UK each week from our depot in Germany. Although, many of our tyres come from other countries in Europe, such as Italy and Holland.

Part Worn Tyre Options

Being a leading wholesale supplier of part worn tyres we understand that different tyre garages throughout the UK have a varied client based all with different budgets. We can help any garage get the right products their customers are looking for by offer various grades of part worn tyres. These are:

  • Grade B has a tread depth of 3.5mm – 4.5mm and is a perfect choice for startup or small tyre outfits on a tight budget.
  • Grade A has a tread depth of 4.5mm – 5.5mm and is a popular choice with many of our customers
  • High Grade has a minimum depth of 5.5mm and is one of the highest quality part worn tyres on the market today
  • All graded tyres have been painted & pressure tested.  You can learn more about our painting and pressure testing service here.

We Can Meet Your Wholesale Part Worn Tyre Requirements!

Wholesale Part Worn Winter Tyres

We can provide up to 1500 part worn tyres for cars, 4×4 and commercial vans.

UK Part Worn Tyres

UK Part Worn Tyres are an importer of high grade wholesale part worn tyres in the UK

High quality wholesale part worn tyres imported from Germany!
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