Painted & Pressure Tested Part Worns

One of the stigmas about part worn tyres that stops potential customers purchasing them is that they often look dirty and old, even though they are structurally sound and pass all quality checks. We can eliminate this negative selling point and provide your business with Wholesale part worn tyres that have been pressure tested, have plenty of tread and have been painted with rubber compound to look like new.

Why Choose Pressure Tested Tyres?

Making sure that you are buying quality part worn tyres in the UK is vital to your business. Not only does it keep your customers happy, it also lowers the running cost of your business as you are eliminating the risk of losing time and money due to defective tyres.

We offer a painting and pressure testing service that is unrivalled in checking for faults and giving our clients products that are easy to sell. All our graded tyres have been painted and pressure tested.

To your customers, having something that looks clean, fresh and new can make all the difference when selling them tyres.

Painted Tyres Look New!

Pressure Tested Part Worn Tyres

Various Wholesale Options

Being a leading wholesale supplier of part worn tyres we understand that different tyre garages throughout the UK have a varied client based all with different budgets. We can help any garage get the right products their customers are looking for by offer various grades of part worn tyres. These are:

  • Grade B has a tread depth of 3.5mm – 4.5mm
  • Grade A has a tread depth of 4.5mm – 5.5mm – a popular choice with many of our customers
  • High Grade has a minimum depth of 5.5mm and is one of the highest quality part worn tyres on the market today

All graded tyres have been painted & pressure tested.

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